3 Cornwall Dance Partnership

Dancing Partners - A Dancer for a Term

This programme is designed to take your school or cluster on a journey from beginning to explore dance and how it can be a catalyst for learning, unlocking the curriculum through to becoming confident creative  teachers and young people.

Working for 1 day each week with a professional dancer, the package can be tailored to support cross- curricular dance, with all key stages. By planning with staff to link to a whole school curriculum dance skills, techniques and confidence can be developed over a much greater period of time. As dance is now such a significant part of the PE Curriculum, working this way supports team teaching and inspires collaboration.

Dance can be used to develop new school performance celebrations or fit with events such as the Hall for Cornwall  Primary Platform or DR2 Summer outdoor celebrations.The day could be spilt across classes, or the year across a group of schools sharing days of dance. So adopt a dancer and make your school bounce.


  • The package includes initial meetings, then support with an experienced professional dancer for 1 day a week for a school year.
  • There would also be included 2 specific CPD twilight sessions dedicated to developing teachers skills and confidence.
  • Create school based dance events to share and perform, plus special rates for Summer Outdoor celebration events with DR2 (National Trust/extra-ordinary places for SALT 2015)
  • Access to 1 other dance CPD Twilight for  2 teachers with CDP (e.g South Asian dance/Maths dance offered in the CDP)